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A military brat, a US Diplomat, a Crypto-Linguist, and finally an executive in the multinational business world, Eolane blends her life experiences with fiction to craft new worlds through her stories found in The Jewel Chronicles

The Jewel Chronicles

A series of fictional novels that describe the life story of a young girl who leaves home, travels the world alone, gets caught up in international intrigue, overcomes cultural and physical hardships, and relies on those who have come before her to survive.  As an old woman, she sits down and recalls all that came before and warns of a gift that takes life as often as it gives.  ‘The Jewel Chronicles’ – will you heed the warning?

Whisper in the Wind

Whisper in the Wind – Book 1/The Jewel Chronicles

In Whisper in the Wind, Eolane tells of a young girl making her way through the world of international politics and espionage.


Choices – Book 2/The Jewel Chronicles

It does not matter what life brings; what matters is how we play our cards and the choices we make. When Amber Jewel came to her crossroads, she chose the road less traveled. The question is whether Amber’s ancestors will be able to help her survive the journey.